G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Joy!

Pleasure objects dedicated to the G-spot give joy and more.
Applied externally the tip allows for targeted stimulation of the clitoris whilst upon insertion the perfect angling makes it easier to find the G-spot.
If you put your index finger just inside the vagina and pull it towards to in a come-here motion, you should feel it. It actually feels different in texture from the rest of the vaginal wall, usually raised up, it feels sort of spongy.
Direct stimulation to the G-spot can enable longer more intense orgasms.

We Loveā€¦

8 inch G-Spot Vibe by Pure

This beautifully designed G-spot vibe hits the spot every time. Sensually curved to pleasure and with its multispeed dial cap technology for fast easy vibrators changes any time anywhere. This is waterproof and takes 2 AA batteries.

Throbbing G-Spot Vibrator by Seven Creations

A powerful 6 inch vibrating veiny G-spot shaped vibrator that inflates quickly to twice its size for throbbing pleasure that fills you up entirely. The hand pump inflates the G-spot in seconds and features a quick-release valve for total control while the remote multi-speed dial controller gives multiple levels of powerful throbbing vibration.

Private Formula Water Based Lubricant

This silky smooth water based lube is perfect to use with our G-Spot vibes.
A small amount goes along way and can be reactivated with a few drops of water. Slide and glide with Private formula.